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Khamis, 16 Oktober 2014

Legoland Malaysia Review


I would say, trip ke Legoland Hotel, Water park, and Theme park minggu lepas, was one of the best vacation ever. 

Things to understand before you read further, and you have to know my opinion is based on my situations. 

Benda paling penting untuk aku consider dalam vacation adalah:

1) Young children friendly vacation. Kalau tak sesuai untuk young kids memang tak best lah. 

2) Fun Density place. "All in one place" thing- is more favourable than a vacation yang kena gerak banyak

3) Facilities- kedai runcit, kedai makan. 

4) Comfortable hotel.


It was amazing MashaAllah. It's more than I expected. Bravo Legoland. 

Kenapa amazing?

With the price only RM650 per night (check the website we will pick the cheapest rate and avoid peak time), you'll get these


  • This room can sleep up to 5 persons (Maximum 3 Adults per room)
  • King size bed
  • High-definition flat panel television
  • Kids’ own sleeping area with bunk bed, pull out trundle bed and entertainment unit (sleeps up to 3)
  • Treasure hunt (dapat free souvenir tauuu best best!)
  • LEGO bricks to build with during your stay (so kids can still play in the room)
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini-fridge
  • Coffee maker
  • Vanity/work station
  • Hairdryer
  • Complimentary toiletries

Free fridge magnets, buku. Tak tahulah memang sentiasa ada atau hadiah permulaan je.
The hotel is really focusing on making kids happy. 
My girl just wanna wear this slipper all the time. -__-"

Di samping keadaan bilik yang memuaskan, they also have lots of incredible things in the LOBBY. 


1) Lego pool.  Kalau hotel lain ada fountain air menyambut kita di lobi, Legoland hotel pulak yang menyambut kita lego pool. And your kids can inside jump into the pool and it's even fine. Kecuali memang sakit la badan lompat dalam lego tajam kan hehe.

It's brilliant. MashaAllah. Kalau macam ni, singgah Legoland Hotel je pun cukup tak payah masuk theme park. :'D

2) The Giant Brick Lego

This is another brilliant thing they put in the lobby. 

Giant Lego Soft Brick.

Boleh buat rumah. 

See? Everyone is working together. Awesome!! 

3) Restaurant with colouring table

So that's about the hotel. Kalau nak datang lagi memang okey je. 


Waterpack nye tak besar sangat tapi banyak jugak benda. Kalau tengok saiz boleh complain "Ni je? Berapa harga ticket tu kite bayar???" But if you engage yourself in the detail, you'll find it very fun. 

Since both my girls are still under the age of 4, ni jelah benda-bendanya:

The 4 areas

1- The 'ocean' aka Lego Wave Pool

Nothing much here. It's like an ocean. and The wave is really strong.

Life jacket for kids available everywhere. Cool. :)

2- Build A Raft RIVER (I give 5 star for this!)

Mula-mula ingatkan sama macam Sunway Lagoon River, lompat dalam ni berenang je ikut air. Tapi supanya kita literallty BUILD A RAFT dari sini. 

Now here's the game

First, you have to collect as many lego bricks as you can. Ingat senang?? Ada ramai budak dan parents lain nak bricks jugak! Dah mcm Hunger Games berebut Bricks.


And then, you have to build a raft at the river side. This is a job for 2-3 people. Sorg jadi jaga supaya takde org sneaky datang pelan2 nak curi bricks kite.

And thennn... Lepas dah buat raft tu, kena test pulak. For us? Buat 2 raft, 2 jugak yg hancur terus once masuk air. LOLS. 

We spent half of the time here, because our kids aren't old enough to play at other areas.

3- Duplo Animal Safari

Ada slide. Win. End of story. Hehe.

4- Joker Soaker

in between the area, there are Imagination Station, kind of lego table but with water. Okelah.


Overall memang best. It's our 2nd time pergi the theme park ni. It's great. It's worth it. It's tiring! 

:'D My husband and I, None of us are into the rides, so our day in the theme park on the playground, the build and test room, driving school, boat riding school. 

For only RM35 the kids will get their first driving license with photo!! Cute!!


We book the whole package of: 

2 days 2 parks Combo, for 3 adult (us and bibik) 1 child (infant free)
Hotel room for 3 days 2 nights

for around RM2000.

It's not that expensive berbanding value nye. It's kind of subjective. Depends on how you value it. 


1. Check cuaca haritu. Dan DOA DOA DOA tak panas sangat dan tak hujan.

2. Avoid pergi waktu peak time, waktu cuti sekolah. Nanti semua cerita kat atas jadi tak real. Hehe. Tapi kalau takde choice nak buat macam mana. Doa jelah yang terbaik. Manage expectations. 

3. Bawak air secukupnya. 

4. Bawak GUARANA TEA HERBALIFE untuk energy booster. SANGAT PERLU!!

5. Sentiasa check Legoland website untuk promosi harga.

I'm proud of Malaysia for this. I hope Legoland will maintain it's quality. 

Thank you for reading!!

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Professional Herbalife Coach berkata...

Bessttttnyer.. banyak kali fikir nak g legoland, tp last cancel g tmpt lain. haha. insyaAllah. pasni leh bw iffah la ke sana..

joegrimjow berkata...

tunggu zaara besar laaa. haha

UmmuHafidz berkata...

Thank you for the informative review. We're looking forward to our visit next week.

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