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Our Next Big Thing!

16-18 January 2015
(amazing way to start your 2015 year InsyaAllah!)

It's pretty amazing news for us, Mothers, because our guest speaker adalah IBU MUDA SEPENUH MASA jugak. She's 25 years old. From Australia. Sama macam saya. Being a mother tidak menghalang beliau untuk menjalankan perniagaan Herbalife dengan jayanya. MashaAllah. Read further below!!

Guest Speaker Announcement
Joana Guyonnet, President’s Team

A little into their Herbalife journey, Daniel and Joana became parents at a young age and they struggled for two solid years. It was at a point where they didn’t have money to buy food and Kristie Walsh reached out and invited them to an event in the Gold Coast. It was the event that changed their perspective and within 10 days, Daniel and Joana went from 3 clients to 20. They immediately started Supervisor Academies and attended 25 Supervisor Academies back to back, which helped them achieve Global Expansion Team. Daniel and Joana also attended, participated and got involved in all trainings like the STSs, Kick-offs and other major events.

In January 2013, they decided to work closely with Jess Morgan as well as Kevin and Renie Garnaut. Daniel and Joana also decided to have their second bub and for Joana personally, she wanted to prove that pregnancy, kids, weddings, “life” would not need to put a halt to their growth and success.

Over 2013, Daniel and Joana developed and launched Business methods and systems for their team such as Child Friendly HOMs and member trainings, online 500 Club, how to do 10K plan, and their Future TAB Team series. It was the combination and always qualifying for Promotions and Events that allowed them to go from being a Global Expansion Team in November 2013 to President’s Team in October 2014 with a newborn and a 4 year old.

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation paid by Herbalife at and


Be it sama ada anda seorang ibu yang hanya mahu menjaga kesihatan diri dan keluarga, ataupun anda seorang ibu yang mahu berjaya dalam dunia perniagaan, anda InsyaAllah akan mendapat kebaikan melalui training beliau. We all know, untuk menjalankan perniagaan bersama anak-anak kecil itu bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah. Sometimes we need stories to open our mind and believe in ourselves. YES YOU CAN DO IT TOO MOTHERS! 

Walaupun diterbangkan jauh dari Australia, harga tiket buat masa ini hanyalah RM190 UNTUK 2 HARI* (until 17th December only). Selepas 17th December, harga tiket akan naik ke RM240 UNTUK 2 HARI*.

*anda juga perlu daftar keahlian dengan Herbalife dulu baru boleh beli tiket.
*3 hari jika anda layak ke training yang lebih advance 

Dengan harga tiket yang begitu murah, anda juga akan mendapat business training daripada seorang speaker yang berpengalaman lebih 20 tahun dalam perniagaan Herbalife. It's really amazing because untuk generasi yang muda-muda buat bisnes kita dapat belajar semangat dan method terkini, tetapi daripada mereka yang berusia dah makan macam-macam garam ni kita dapat belajar banyak wisdom, mistakes, dan cara fikiran yang betul. 

Orang kata "Wise man learns from other's mistake".

Plus, statistics says in every 5 years, 95% of business (or business man) will quit/shut down. So to learn from someone yang berada dalam dunia bisnes 5 tahun is something inspiring, but more than 20? That's something very 'expensive'. Don't fall in the 95% statistics, by learning from those who made it through their 2 decades (and about to enter 3rd decade). May Allah give us strength.
Chairmans Club Member

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