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Selasa, 16 April 2013

Yasmin Mogahed: Reclaim Your Heart in Malaysia.


Ini adalah kali pertama aku dengar talk Yasmin Mogahed. Cuba dengar kat YouTube tapi tak faham. 

When the event was first announced, aku sangat beriye-iye nak pergi, tapi end up tarikh ni clash dengan Presidents Team Tour kami di Los Angeles. 2 bulan awal Herbalife corporate arrange tour percuma kami ke sana. We suppose to leave Malaysia on 14th April 2013. 

Namun begitu, pada 12 April, aku rasa sedikit kurang sihat berkenaan kandungan ku, jadi aku pun jumpa doktor.

"Baby lemah. Kalau pergi ke LA jugak boleh gugur."

Blablabla...kesimpulannya aku kena confinement sampai sihat. 

Sejak saat penangguhan LA Tour tu, aku pun mula mencari lebihan ticket "Reclaim Your Heart" Talk by Yasmin Mogahed. 

"Best ke Yasmin ni?" Tak tahu. The world knows her. Aku taknak fikir banyak. As I always say to people yang ragu-ragu nak datang Herbalife event "It doesn't hurt to listen."

Pencarian berakhir dengan berita gembira. Ada few UIA students tak boleh attend sebab kelas, so aku dan Sakinah grab the tickets. Alhamdulillah. 

The best thing about penceramah-penceramah yang betul-betul memahami Islam ni, bila dengar talk dorang je memang rasa dunia sangat sangat sangat mudah. Dunia sangat kecil! We need to be reminded over and over again about this. 

These are the points yang inspired aku. Banyak je point die, tapi, aku akan share what really inspires me. 

Yasmin started the lecture dengan mengatakan malam ini beliau akan mengaitkan dengan kisah-kisah silam. Dan setiap kisah tu, kita kaitkan dengan diri kita secara individu. 

Lessons from Adam and Iblis.

Her first quote that I got was, "The fact that you and I have choices in life (Allah made us), we have the potential to be better than the angel (because angels don't have choice), or worst that animals."

"If our lives are only limited to eat, drink, sleep, and reproduce, we are worst than animals."

Bermula dengan kisah Iblis dan Adam. Kisah yang sangat kerap kita dengar, tapi peringatan yang sangat bagus. 

"Iblis was the first example of arrogance." "Iblis said 'I am better than him'". Do we ever tell ourselves "I am better than him/her."? Moga Allah jauhkan kita dari sifat angkuh. 

Both Adam and Iblis disobey Allah. Both slipped from the right path. But the differences between Adam and Iblis are:

1) Adam response was TAUBAT. Repentance. Iblis response was ARROGANCE. 

2) Adam said "We have wronged ourselves." He take responsibility on his own mistakes. Iblis blame Allah for making him wrong.
3) Adam ask forgiveness from Allah. Iblis give up on Allah's mercy and become bad forever. 

"Allah's mercy is very high, we have to seek it." 

"If you come to Allah and ask for forgiveness, don't you think Allah will give you His mercy?"

*imagine ourselves in this world. how are we always responded to our own mistakes? Adam ways, of Iblis ways?*

Turn to none, but Allah, in hardships.
(The best that I got last night MasyaAllah. Please read)

Do you remember in our Marketing Plan session in the last Zero2Hero, I mentioned "Cabaran umpana hadiah yang diberi oleh Allah. Kite perlu buka, dan selesaikan satu per satu, cabaran itu akan menjadi hadiah yang sangat luar biasa."

And she mentioned something like that.

"Allah sends us a test, so that we raise our hands and pray to Allah."

"When we are hit with hardships, we always turn to creation first, not Creator. We turn to people, we turn to things. Until there's none creation left, we turn to our own strength and said 'okay I got this. I am strong.'"

"Instead of turning to Allah FIRST, we turn to creations."

"We will not get out of that situation until we change our internal situation." And internal situation is acknowledging Allah as one and only. No where else to turn. 

She mentioned, Allah's creation can change its state. Today they help you, and the next day they stab you. Today this person is your best friend, and the next day the same person stab your heart and brings you pain. It is up to Allah, what state does He wants the creation to be in. 

WHY? Allah reminds us not to lean on them, but only lean to Allah.

Haven't this situation has been repeated many times? We were so distracted from Allah, we thought we are here because of this this person. We are here because of the amazingness of that person. And suddenly the person turn their back on us. They hurt us. They CHANGE. We for a while we thought our whole world is gone. 

It is Allah who has the power to make a person our helper or our destroyer. It is Allah who has the power. And sometimes Allah take them away from us so we focus again, that our true HELPER is not the person, but ONLY ALLAH. 

Subhanallah. This is the most important part of the lecture, for me. 

Imagine Allah can open the red sea for Musa AS. Allah can cool the fire for Ibrahim AS. You think Allah cannot bend your problems? Why don't we turn to Allah first, who has the power on all His creation? Who controls these things that we are fear of??

The problem is, we see the red sea, not Allah. We see the fire, not Allah. For our prophets, they see Allah, not the problems. 

Let say it is not physical fire as what Ibrahim AS has to go through. In our situation now we are surrounded with many FIRES. Political fire, relationships fire, financial fire, and etc. Allah can make these fire cool and secure for us. Even is the external fire is burning, Allah can give us inner peace. 


Sometimes, things we love are taken away from us.

Imagine a child, so focus with a toy. Distracted. It causes the child refuse to eat, learn, and etc. The child only wants to play. What would a loving parents do? TAKE IT AWAY.

Sometimes, we are distracted with something. We love something more than our love to Allah. (May Allah protect us). It make us lose perspective. Lose focus on Allah. It could be our spouse, our child, our money, or etc. 

If Allah loves us, Allah will save us by taking it away. So we focus again on Allah. 

"The more you run after a creation, the more it runs away from you." "The more you run to Allah, Allah and all creations will run back to you."

The results depend on Allah, but our Actions are a MUST.


Oke itu je. Maafla penulisan aku taklah sebagus mana. Just sharing what inspires me. Itu pun, penceritaan aku tidaklah seindah penjelasan direct Sister Yasmin Mogahed sendiri.

I know ramai yang akan ambil bulat-bulat je apa yang aku blog ni. Sedikit nasihat, tolonglah belajar lebih mendalam tentang ilmu sirah, hadith, dan Quran. Learn consistently. My blog entry is not sufficient for you. Don't just read, copy paste copy paste, sedangkan ilmu yang lebih dalam jauh lebih indah dari kata-kata di entri ini.

Luangkan masa untuk belajar agama kita. Luangkan masa untuk mengenali sirah-sirah orang terhebat dalam sejarah Islam. Luangkan masa untuk merasakan keindahan Islam di dalam jiwa kita, dan titiskan air mata. Luangkan masa untuk belajar dr guru yang betul (sebab banyak je sesat kat luar sana tu Nauzubillah May Allah protect us).

Read books. Listen to YouTube talk. If Yasmin Mogahed is too high level, start with someone else yang lebih. 

I have shared my key in doing Herbalife business. How are we able to made it here. I have shared in front of 15,000 people, Muslims and Non-Muslims. There is ONLY ONE ANSWER. 

"IF WE HAVE ALLAH, WE HAVE EVERYTHING." And I really mean it. May Allah guide us till Jannah.

Aku nak share something yang aku tulis on March, tapi aku tak share kat mana-mana lagi. Tapi hari ni aku rasa nak share:

Sometimes bila kena bagi training kat depan, i feel like just showing 1 slide, and there's nothing left to be shared: i am here because of Allah.

I am here because Allah pick me up when I fall. I am here because Allah guide me in correcting my mistakes. I am here because Allah guide me in every single action of my life. I am here because Allah give me strength when I am weak. I am here because Allah wake me up when I sleep. I am here because Allah push me out of my comfort zone.  

No sharing can touch your heart when Allah says no. No trainings can sharpen your way when Allah want to keep you blind.

Be grateful if you can feel inspired, moved, in an events. And you feel that energy to go back and work hard. You are mounted with amazing ideas and you can put each of the ideas into massive actions. Be grateful. No one else have the power to move you but Allah.

Sometimes, when i am asked to share in front, i feel so ashamed. You should not ask me more than you ask Allah. I am only a messenger. I am only one of the sign of His greatness.

Of course, in the end we still have to share every details of what we did. The very detail of borrowed knowledge from Allah.

My message to everyone, is just never look up on anyone more than How you look up to Allah. 

Ask no one more than how much you ask from Allah. Trust in the help of no one, more than how you trust Allah. 

Sometimes, everything turn their back against you. Allah wont. 

Fall down and prostrate. May Allah grant us success in Dunia and Akhirat. May Allah grant us Jannah. 

-30th March 2013.

Lastly, just sharing next week talk by Sheikh Daood Butt. 

May Allah grant us Jannah. Ameen.

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