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Khamis, 12 Februari 2015

My Trying-To-Be-Fit Diary #1


It has been almost a year since my exercise vow begin. And believe me exercising for mommies is NOT EASY!! (especially a still productive mommies, like, positively if Allah allow us to, continuously have babies every 2-3 years) But after I have my 2nd baby, I know I just have to do it no matter what.

I guess all mommies of 2 and above experience a harder weight loss after giving birth to your second child, right? That's why, YOU JUST GOTTA MAKE THE EXERCISING WORK.

Kenapa aku mula nak exercise?

You know, I could choose to just sit back and relax memandangkan BMI aku stabil around 20-22, and my body fat stays around 20%-22%.

Sebab Bersenam #1 Badan sungguh tak sihat. Berangin siang malam. Konon kena berurut, aku pun habiskan duit berurut. Rupanya kena bersenam je. -__-" So Mommies, kalau lepas ni ada yang rasa tak sedap badan nak berurut, cuba exercise dulu. Kalau betul-betul sakit bolehla g urut.

Sebab Bersenam #2 I started to constipate!!! Oke ini memang... Orang puteh kata "I didn't see that coming." Tak exercise = sembelit. Huarggg demi kesihatan mental aku (you understand the worst feeling bila constipation right), I have to consistently move my body every 2-3 days.

Sebab Bersenam #3 Perut semakin 'hamil'. It begins with... a negative pregnancy test. LOL. It's quite embarrassing to tell this but I'm sure ramai Mommies experience macam aku jugak kan. Badan selim je tapi perut macam pregnant 5 bulan. Hoh tak boleh terimaaaa. Konon dalam denial mode kita pun buat pregnancy test. You know that moment when you wish you are pregnant because you thought it's better than being BUNCIT. Haaaa *nangis*. Well, after accepting the fact that I am beginning to grow my visceral fat, I have to start exercising.

Sebab Bersenam #4 The increasing inches of your body every 2 months. Look... weight gain is SUPER EVIL. They didn't just add in every day...or every week... they add in every 2-3 months. Who would have notice?? A health freak like me, and my FULL TIME JOB IS EVEN TO COACH PEOPLE TO LOSE WEIGHT? Ofcourse I would notice! But for other Moms yang kerja lain-lain? Whattt evil sangat okeyyyy weight gain ni.

Sebab Bersenam #5 Exercise will cause the guilt feeling that we desperately need when we have those amazing foods in front of us. Hehehe. You guys seriously need to start exercising!! That lazy and hateful feeling bila kita kena tinggalkan apa yang kita buat, and started to turn on the DVD or leave our home for the gym or Kompleks Sukan or any Parks. That feeling is not something beautiful (but after exercise it turns out to be beautiful).

Untuk menjadikan 1 jam of exercising tu sesuatu yang sia-sia dengan makanan tak sihat, it's like watching your 1 productive hour being put into a COFFIN, and GRAVE. It's SAD. So I noticed, kalau aku mode rajin exercise tu, amboih makan pun ala-ala model nak kena shooting esok. Kalau minggu tu slow sikit exercise, makan pun ala-ala jalan-jalan cari makan. -__-"

So yeah. I listed the 5 reasons I started to exercise. And to be honest, I HAVE NEVER EVER exercise, playing any sports of any kind, or move my body in any ways dengan tujuan menyihatkan badan. NEVER. Boleh tanya semua kawan-kawan sekolah aku. Tak pernah. But yes I was and still am a health freak bab-bab makanan ni. Remember, health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

Jadinya, untuk orang yang tak pernah exercise macam aku ni, bila aku buat vow untuk bersenam setiap hari tu, umpama orang yang sangat jahil yang dah jumpa cahaya lah kira. And believe me it is one of the hardest thing I have to discipline myself.

Bermula tepat setahun yang lalu. Awal tahun 2014. Aku buat vow je lebih, tapi aku hanya mampu konsisten work out sebulan 2 kali. Lousy? I believe there are still many moms that don't even exercise 2 times a month. But yes, I found myself lousy. But that's not an excuse untuk give up the whole year.

After 11 months of doing it consistently twice a month, I began to have a new motivation and until now I am exercising 5 times every 2 weeks. I have my daily schedule but usually bila ada interruption tu memang tak exercise langsung lah. Bila takde interruption, exercise boleh berjalan seperti biasa.

As for today, I am writing this blog, I am exercising consistently 5 times in 2 weeks. My next goal is to make in 5 times a week.


Plank position (you can just rose your hand, or just froze at the plank position for how long, or push ups, macam-macam simple style lagi)

Sit up. 

Jumping jacks.

Jogging and Lari setempat (pastu boleh advance ke butt kicks, pull back arm, dan sebagainya. Super simple but effective!)


Dumbell exercise.

Oke actually banyak lagi, tapi tak tahu nak describe macam mana. (and I am totally NOT gonna video record myself exercising it's too exposing hahah). Tapi mak-mak yang memang zerosss langsung bolehla start dengan 4 ni je pun.

I am following Samantha Clayton Herbalife 24 workout. Sebab workout nya sangat balance. Penggunaan muscle badan dari atas sampai ke bawah semua digunakan. So resultnya, satu badan segar. Rather than using our leg only, jadi bila kaki dah habis torn out yang shoulder still tak digunakan sepenuhnya. Tak selesa sangat.

And Samantha style adalah we change our move every 30 seconds, (of after every 15 repetition), for 35-45 minutes mcm tu. 45 minutes includes the 30 secs rest every 2-3 move.

Sangat mengeluarkan peluh, first time buat sangat menyakitkan segala muscle parts in our body (walaupun movement semua simple je) and the best thing, very effective in solving my 5 REASONS to exercise yang aku dah ceritakan di atas.

- Badan semakin selesa.
- Constipation takde.
- Perut remain flat for the next 24-48 hours hahah. (menciiii sangat tau perut ni kalau tak workout je naiklah tu buat kita bajet bajet pregnant)
- Body inches went down again and maintain that way (as long as I consistently work out)
- I will take care of my meals.

So, masih rasa malas nak bersenam? Janganlah begituuuu. Jom kita sama-sama menggerakkan tubuh kita.

Badan yang sihat dan cantik itu tidak datang secara percuma. But if you are to choose the kind of efforts you wanna put in for your body, buat sesuatu yang seimbang dan yang kita boleh buat everyday without effecting our ibadah, family, and work. So I choose simple work out 45 minutes a day, 5 time a week (which I also have to you that I keep failing to keep it consistent and I ended up 5 times in 2 weeks).

If you wanna work out week me, you can join our Muslimah Fit Club in Wangsa Maju. We don't have fitness trainer. It's just me. :)


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