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Khamis, 1 Januari 2015

Gagal Mencapai Azam Tahun Baru, Berulang Kali


Selamat Tahun Baru 2015!

Are you one of those yang mula berputus asa dengan azam tahun baru?

"Kenapa nak azam tahun baru? Everyday is a new day anyway."

"Kenapa nak azam tahun baru? Aku buat zaman setiap tahun nothing really changes anyway."

"I give up on azam tahun baru."

Of course, no one really has to wait for new year to do your vow for a better life. Benda tu boleh dibuat bila-bila. Tapi manusia memang works better with dateline. From today, you have 364 days left before the next opening. 

Are you one of those yang sama dengan manusia diatas ni? Having the same resolutions for the past 5 years but nothing really changed?

Feel like giving up?

And I saw someone posting, "stop making resolutions. It wont work anyway."


Don't give up on your resolutions.

Don't give up on making resolutions. 

You ARE NOT A LOSER when you fail to achieve it every year.

What makes you a loser is when you decided not to make resolutions anymore, and you follow the flow. It's less painful, you don't have to feel like a failure because there's nothing to fail on. But you are a loser who won't achieve anything. 

3 Reasons Why You Cannot Give Up Making Resolutions (Even if you consistently fail to achieve it every year)

1. When you achieve it, Alhamdulillah. When you don't achieve it, have a moment to hop back and think why? List the reasons, factors. And now that you are more aware of the 'failing factor', you become better every year. It's a process. It might took 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, that's why you need to keep making resolutions regardless of the failure every year. Learn from it! 

The most common factors of resolutions failure are:

  • You don't appreciate small results. 
  • Making actions are the hard one, and you gave up making actions. Gave up counting calories, gave up being nice, etc...
  • Once you gave up, you can start right back anywhere, but you'd rather wait for next year to start again. Seriously? Don't.

I don't know, yang lain-lain tu listkan sendiri apa failing factors tu ye. 

By the time you achieve your resolutions, you have also successfully create a very good life habit in avoiding the failing factors. Amazing attitude MashaAllah!

2. A progress is a progress, even if it is small. Maybe you are progressing on your mind, maybe on your emotions, maybe on your actions. And maybe you are progressing on your life. 

Contoh 1

Your goal last year is to lose that 40kg of weight, and it turns out to be harder that in looks like. In the end you only lost 5kgs (including the yo yo weight), but you have learnt more about healthy lifestyle. Now you have learnt to cut your instant noodles, fast foods. You choice of foods at home is better now. So don't give up already! This year, try to add in 3-4L of plain water a day, cut your sugar drink, unhealthy fat and carbo. You have 365 days to practise this new behaviour. You can do it right?

Results may appear in the next 3 years or 5 years. But who cares? YOU ARE PROGRESSING!. Don't give up in making resolutions. :)

Contoh 2

For example, I always have this new year resolution "Be less hot tempered", since 2002. Since I was 13, I have this resolution. T__T.  Every year it seems to get worst. I kept praying and praying and praying. It's really HARD for me to keep myself together and not explode in a flaming situations. 

And then I started doing Herbalife business, I have to deal with more people everyday. I reminded myself about that goal of becoming less hot tempered every day, days and nights. I cried a lot, when I keep the anger to myself. It's HARD. 

But then on 2013 Allah sends me His final test. And swishhh. MashaAllah, I am a very calm person now. :D I prayed it last forever. Please pray for me. 

And I realized that being patience, for a hot tempered person like me, requires PRACTISE. Not magic. So don't give up. I worked on the same resolutions for 11 years. MashaAllah. I thank Allah, He never gave up on His slave. 

3. Life is a fight. Keep fighting. In this case, keep fighting yourself, your lazy self, your weak self, your complainer self, keep fighting this person inside you until you win. It's a war. The good news is you don't win a war in 1 year. :)


The most important part of resolutions, is PRAY TO ALLAH. This is where many of us forgot. 

I usually don't have new year resolutions. I have Ramadhan Resolutions. It is the time where you pray to Allah extraordinarily more than any months of the year. Pray, is equal to goal and resolutions. So year by year, I can analyze doa mana yang Allah bg capai, doa mana yang Allah tangguh. Kenapa Allah tangguh agaknya? Apa yang aku kena ubah?

My hot tempered resolution tu was my Ramadhan resolutions lah, bukannya new year. I never have new year list. (But there's nothing wrong with having the list on new year)

The magic is, you pray to Allah, and you started seeing things differently. Allah will make ways for you, even if sometimes Allah doesn't grant your wish directly, but Allah will make ways for you. Allah will changed you, Allah will shaped you, based on your what you prayed. And the results might appear that same year, or the next 10 years? Allah knows the best. 

My "hot tempered resolutions"? I started having it on 2002. I have a lot on my lists in 2002. That was like the first Ramadhan I really have serious wishes about life. My life started going upside down ever since, to be honest. I become worst in being a Muslim, worst in being a person, I've been tested with friendships, I lost many friends, I was humiliated. 

Things started to appear positively on 2007. I entered UIA, Herbalife, marriage... MashaAllah. But I started seeing my prayers came true after I walked through the total opposite of what I prayed for. It was painful, even to remember until now. It's a path I feared my children will have to go through. I prayed they wont have to, but Allah knows best. 

It's wonderful, when our resolutions, will bond us with our Creator. Don't bond your resolutions with the world, you will keep failing. Bond it with Allah. You'll have the strength to finish it, even if it took you lifetime. 

GOOD LUCK 2015!! :)

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