TOTAL LOSS: Coach Ina 12kg. Coach Ab 8kg.

TOTAL LOSS: Coach Ina 12kg. Coach Ab 8kg.
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Review Year 2013, by Facebook


Eh. Korang dah tengok dah apa Faceboom Review tentang tahun 2013 korang? Pergi kat profile FB korg sendiri, dan di bahagian kiri ada 2013 Year Review. 

Aku pun pergila tengok nak muhasabah. Ada 20 post yang Facebook assumed as my best moment of 2013. Facebook summarized these based on jumlah LIKE anda semua. So tak semestinya benda-benda ni betul-betul best moment kita. However, overall, memang summary yang benar pun.


1) When Asiyah wear her first tudung nicely fit to her. 

2) Our Presidents Team Recognition in Spectacular 2013.

3) When we traveled to London

4) When we attended Mark Hughes Bonus Award in Paris.

5) When I found my Herbalife 2008 statements, RM5700 a year. *nangis* Never forget where you come from. :')

6) When Asiyah got her first Telekung. :')

7) When Asiyah first time praying properly. 1/2 Rakaat. Heheh. :')

8) When we went to Bangkok Extravaganza 2013.

9) When my husband work from home with kain pelikat. -__-" Tak faham kenapa dapat top LIKE. Hahah

10) When we went to Melbourne for FREE VACATION. 

11) When we selfie selfie mother daughter. 

12) When I found out, "It's a GIRL!!"

13) When my UIA friends convocation.

14) When my daughter prayed Doa Sebelum Makan after poo poo. Busuk gila. 

15) When I recognized the Supervisors who make it happen to Dream Team Retreat.

16) Lastly, when Amra's VISA US approved. 

Honestly, memang bila look back ni senyum-senyum je. They are really antara the best moment of my 2013. But of course, I didn't share much tentang life lessons, of spiritual things on Facebook apa yang kita lihat di 2013 Review ni hanyalah benda yang kita memang pilih untk expose pada kawan-kawan Facebook kita. 

For me, 2013 is a year full of lessons. It's totally learning and improving myself. The year that I keep reflecting who I was, my attitude, feeling guilty, and having my own private time to wash up all my guilts and promise I would never do it again. 

If there's one thing I could do if I can change the past, is to lead my life with a better attitude, a better me. Then we would hurt less people. Then we would do our work better and stronger. But life isn't about changing the past. It's about building a better future. And all the things I wish I could change in the past, I have to put it for my future.

Dear Everyone, I'm sorry for all the things I had done wrong, for things I did or didn't do, I'm sorry for all the things I have said or didn't say. 

One of the biggest and best lesson I learnt in my 2013, is the one I wrote here...

Our Perceptions On Others

Really, orang yang tinggi Iman nya, tidak tersentuh dengan kata-kata dan perbuatan orang lain. Kerana semua itu di minda kita je. This is my spiritual goal of 2014, to control my self. 

My best blog entries for 2013:

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Penjagaan Kulit Herbalife

Pengalaman Bersalin Kali ke-2

First Batch

Yang warna merah tu yang aku tulis dengan penuh perasaan. I would say, it is something that I wanna remember and I wanna read back again and again to remind myself of how strong I was every time I feel weak, and to tell myself I strong I can become INSYAALLAH. Semuanya dengan ada Allah bersama kita, dan dengan izin-Nya.

Bagaimana agaknya tahun 2014? Sukar untuk diceritakan. The only predictable things about life, is it is unpredictable. However, I never doubt Allah will always, always, answer my prayer. I am so thankful and proud with my Syahadah. I have made my list for 2014's dreams. Tell Allah. And let's put it into action. 

Have you prepared for 2014? May Allah always be with us. 

Wanna change your life? NOW IS THE TIME. 

1 comment:

shahrinabd said...

wah...baru tau pasal facebook review tu. Thanks sharing. Meriah hidup you tahun nie. I punya review biasa-boasa je. baru ku sedar hidupku tak seberapa. heheh...

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