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Thursday, October 21, 2010



Ini assignment kelas Leadership aku. Saja nak share. Semoga semue pembaca dpt benefit! ;)

Ps: Sila abaikan grammatical error. SPM dah lama berlalu dan bahasa aku cuma bahasa perckpan je!



Leadership is often misunderstood with ‘managing’ people, create followers, and having a great power over others. Often, a man with pride is seen as a leader, regardless his personal attitude. People also thought that leadership is the most important skills of life, that if you hold responsibilities in a group of people, your life have value. You can say that in a university or when you are working in a small company. How would you know the quality of people you are competing with? You might be the best among the worst! However a true leader, when they go anywhere, even in the public that is not familiar to him, a true leader will always create value. That is leadership that I am going to unfold today.

What inspires me in leadership?

As I mentioned in my public speaking the other day, my life starts at 18. I use to hold great responsibilities back in school. I tried many ways to lead people, but all the time the people still are not following me. (Yet they voted for me too, which in the other word, I am not a cream of the society after all!) Before 18, my perception about leadership have no differences from any other people. When I reached 18 years old, I commit myself to a business that change my life. I started to be serious about life. The leaders said, “For things to change, you have to change.”

It starts from you!

Point number one, leadership starts from the individual him/herself. It is not about how great you are in a society, but it is about how great your attitude is, people want to be with you. I always want to tell the people I am coaching in leadership: “Do not read books on leadership if you haven’t read books on attitude.” Of course, why lead if you have bad attitude? Imagine someone very hot-tempered, bossy, cannot accept others opinion, cannot accept advice, easily lose control over high pressure situation, easily lose humbleness, and many other bad attitude (that I can spend this whole page writing it), how can he/she lead? Yes they can pretend that the world belongs to them, bossing around others, and they thought they have done their best. Some would come and told me, “I have tried my best but none would follow.” Then ask yourself back, “Why wont they?” Because leadership is not about blaming other people. If anything goes wrong in a group of people, the blame is on the leader. You might want to ask yourself too, “Are you inspiring enough to others?” Imagine yourself in someone else’s eyes, and they are looking at you. Do you want to follow yourself? If you answered yes (yet no one is following you for years), then I would sympathy you. You need to read more books on changing you attitude.

However, the beauty of changing our attitude always the sweetest things in life. Suddenly people wants to follow you without you talking. Suddenly the world is treating you nicely that when you wake up every morning even in the worst time of your life, you will always be thankful because there is so much more sweets than bitters. Actually, nothing around you changes. It is just you.

It is not something that you chase or pursue, it is something you attract by the person you become

Then why not spend a great deal of time working on yourself than on your job? You don’t need to create followers. You only need to attract them by becoming an attractive person. Attractive because you always look clean and neat, you never overdress, you are always confident but humble, you have everything that others are still dreaming about. Thus when you offer your leadership to people, you don’t ask them to follow, but you offer them you value to help them become better. Does people wants to follow?

I might have to answer the question with two answers. People who want to change will follow. People who don’t want to change, will remain the life as they have today. So why bother? You might want to understand that there is only less than 5% of the world population is looking for something to change their life, the other 95% prefer to be in the comfort zone, without any challenges, and preserve their previous life. Our responsibilities as leader is to bring those who want to change, and leave kindly those who refuse our help. Don’t take it personally. Since leadership is attraction, we will always attract people like us, with our attitude. If we are a great leader, we will also attract leaders (that sometimes with unpolished attitude but we still have to train them because deep down they are a great leader). If we are a bad attitude leader, we will attract the same group of people.

Understanding leadership in this point of view make a leader become more calm in rejection, because all they need to find is people who is searching for their value.

Quality of Leadership

There are two classification of leader that I want to share here. First classification is, what kind of people they create in their group? There are two kinds, first leader who create leaders. Second, leader who create followers. How do you know if they are leader or follower? Ask yourself a question, “With their existence in your organization, is your burden lighter or heavier?”. You know the answer. Having leaders in our organization will obviously lighten our burden because they are independent. Having followers? We will have to carry them around anywhere because without us they wont be able to work. Some people will never (or very slow) in growing their leadership. So let them follow us until they are ready to fly on their own. The problem is some leaders who create most followers, because they handle many things on their own. They are lack of trust in their organizations, they want things to work perfectly. That doesn’t work in leadership. People make mistakes and we correct them, so they learn to live the harder but better way. They will lead to a great life. We cannot walk with them all the time. This second kind of leader is more suitable to be called ‘manager’. Not leader.

Second classification is, leader by birth and leader by transformation. Not everyone is born as leader. In fact, most of us is born as follower, but we transform to become leader. The transformation hurts a lot, painful, but worth it.

Last words

I would like to thank Rasulullah for being the perfect example in leadership, Jim Rohn for unfolding the theories on attitude in his speeches, John Maxwell who taught me theories on leadership in many of his books, Herbalife International for providing a real platform on practising leadership and attitude, and last but most importantly Allah, for giving me a great life that I can practise all these theories I have learnt into reality. The reality is tough, but I that Allah for always be the with me and make to be a better person. Alhamdulillah.

*kot2 one day jd book writer mcm downline aku si Yussamir Yusuf tu. Haha. I have a dream to become John Maxwell of the Muslim society. Buku dia banyak betul ayat2 Bible. Tp takpe, harini kite ambik knowledge die, nanti kite kupas leadership from Islamic perspective pulak. ;)



sahel al-fateh said...


great post.change my view bout leadership.

A leader have a big resposibily.hoho

Ina Allen said...

responsibilities on oneself first, and then the others will come.


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